Super Trend Signals

Super Trend Signals offers premium day trading signal service for the Futures Markets on

Stock Market Indices (ES, NQ, YM, RTY, NDK)

Hard Commodities (GC, SI, HG)

Energies (CL, HO, NG)

Interest Rates (ZT, ZF, ZN, ZB)

Bitcoin (BTC)

Substantially grow account size, taking on markets with signals that have profited with a win-loss ratio of over 35% and profit factors over 1.8:1 (some markets yield over 3:1 returns incorporating margin value plus historical max drawdowns ).

Super Trend Signals will load our indicator signals on the TradingView Platform. is the Platform that hosts our Trading Signals.

A premium day trading signal service that focuses on stable and consistent profits

  1. Apply a consistent and standardized approach to trading across different futures markets
  2. Automate signals for easy entries and exits
  3. Optimize profit potential on breakouts, scalps, trends and reversal
  4. Spend less time analyzing charts and technicals that don’t work
  5. Trade markets with large Super Trend Signals, large win-loss ratios and low drawdowns

Super Trend Signals Services

Income Generator aims to earn consistent and stable monthly profits using stringent conditions for entry and exit. The signal allows Traders to switch from risk-averse to risk-lover based on risk tolerance. The trading signal identifies potential or emerging breakouts and will enable you to generate consistent monthly returns.

We offer trading signals only for Stock Market Indices futures contracts like ES, NQ, YM, RTY and NKD.

Contrarian is a trend reversal trading signal that aims to capture significant trend reversals, adequate profit factors and high win/loss ratios with low drawdowns on conservative entries.

We can deploy the signal separately or act as an add-on to the other products offered for Stock Market indices and Metals.

Market Technician identifies proprietary indicators and conditions based on our market analysis to identify optimum entry and exit signals. Indicator settings allow for aggressive or conservative strategies toward the long-term trend. The alert identifies opportunities with a better win/loss ratio and $win/loss while following long-term directions.

Tsunami Trends identifies whether a long-term trend is emerging, enters into a rally trade and holds the position over days until confirmation that the rally is complete. Traders capture the full extent of the trend before the trend reverses.

Note: Significant risk management is required to limit losses and prevent significant drawdowns.

Add the Market Technician or Alpha Edge trading signal to add more trades for breakouts within the considerable trend. Use Tsunami Trends Signal for ES, NQ, RTY, BTC, NKD, CL, NG, GC, and SI.

Alpha Trading Signal for active day traders is the best-performing trading signal thus far. Traders can scalp the market or enter significant breakouts and trend continuations. Traders can hold positions between 25 minutes to 1.5 hours in all futures markets. The signals yield substantially high monthly profits, high-profit factor and returns-risk ratios and considerable profit potential. Historical and simulated returns produce over 2:1 profit factors and low drawdowns, dramatically increasing your equity accounts over the months.

How It Works

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    Super Trend Signals is an algorithmic premium trading signal provider for the Futures market.

    Our trading algorithms detect in advance high-probability scenarios for extensive breakouts and reversals in the Futures markets. Our algorithmic strategies provide alerts to your phone, email, and trading platform for day traders, allowing them to capture the most significant profit potential.

    Traders may exploit opportunities to help them grow into stable, consistent, and profitable traders and grow their accounts by potentially doubling the size of the trading account.

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    • Adopt a mechanical way to enter trades based on similar conditions across markets
    • Capitalize on high reward-risk trade opportunities and exploit them to maximize profits in the different markets
    • Increase confidence and master trade techniques on major breakouts and reversals strategies
    • Avoid missing the short-term rallies and reversals or entering too late
    • Remain consistent and profitable
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