Day Trading with TradingView Automated Trading Signals

Day trading is a fast-paced, high-risk form of trading requiring skill, knowledge, and discipline that can take years to become successful at. Day trading is buying and selling financial instruments, such as stocks, currencies, or commodities, within the same day. This process is more challenging than it looks though. Luckily, there are TradingView Automated Trading signals that can help alleviate any frustrations you have regarding day trading.

Super Trend Signals is there to help you along the way. We can provide TradingView automated  trading signals to allow more accessible entries and exits whenever you need to step up your game so that you’ll feel empowered knowing that you have the knowledge and tools available to be successful. Learn more by booking a call today!

Understanding Day Trading

Day trading involves buying and selling securities to make profits within a short period. Unlike traditional investing, which focuses on long-term gains, day trading takes advantage of short-term market fluctuations. Traders who engage in day trading are known as “day traders,” they typically use technical analysis and TradingView automated trading signals to make quick decisions on when to buy or sell. They may also leverage various strategies that help them in their endeavors. 

Types of Trending Signals 

Super Trend Signals has five different signals to help you along the way, starting at only $399 per month. Get your free trial today to see how they can improve your trading strategies. The five trading signals software are:

  • Income Generator 
  • Contrarian 
  • Market Technician 
  • Tsunami Trends 
  • Alpha 

Our signals are perfect for novice traders coming onto the platform hoping to change performance or newbies who find it challenging to make a profit and want to start making gains.

Super Trend Signals Services

  • Earn consistent and stable monthly profits using stringent conditions for entry and exit
  • Switch from risk-averse to risk-lover based on risk tolerance
  • Identifies potential or emerging breakouts
  • Generate consistent monthly returns

  • Capture significant trend reversals and adequate profit factors
  • High win/loss ratios with low drawdowns on conservative entries
  • Deploy the signal individually or as an add-on
  • Identify proprietary indicators and conditions based on market analysis
  • Identify optimum entry and exit signals
  • Indicator settings allow for aggressive or conservative strategies
  • Identify opportunities with a better win/loss ratio and $win/loss
  • Identify emerging long-term trends
  • Enter into rally trade and holds the position over days until complete
  • Capture the full extent of the trend before the trend reverses
  • Works well with the Market Technician or Alpha Edge signals

Note: Significant risk management is required to limit losses and prevent significant drawdowns.

  • The best-performing trading signal thus far
  • Scalp the market or enter significant breakouts and trend continuations
  • Hold positions between 25 minutes to 1.5 hours
  • Yields substantially high monthly profits, high-profit factor and returns-risk ratios and considerable profit potential
  • Produces over 2:1 profit factors and low drawdowns

Income Generator 

The Income Generator Signal, or breakout trading, unlocks a pathway to consistent and dependable monthly profits. Our well-defined strategy employs strict market entry and exit conditions, guaranteeing long-term stability. The Income Generator Signal is designed to achieve steady and reliable monthly profits, allowing traders to smoothly transition from risk-aversive to risk-taking, tailored to their risk tolerance. This trading signals software is a must-have for beginners and novices. 


A contrarian trading signal, also known as a trend reversal indicator, is designed to identify and profit from significant trend reversals quickly. With a focus on conservative entry points, it aims to deliver impressive profit factors and high win/loss ratios, all while keeping drawdowns to a minimum. This versatile signal can be used as a standalone strategy or seamlessly integrated with our other products for Stock Market indices and Metals. Learn how to spot trend reversals through trading signals software

Market Technician 

Enhance your trading strategy with the Market Technician, designed for intermediate and professional traders at a cost-effective price of only USD 499. This powerful trading signals software utilizes proprietary indicators and expert market analysis to pinpoint prime entry and exit signals. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced trader, these indicator signals offer excellent opportunities to implement assertive strategies in line with the long-term trend. 

Tsunami Trends 

Tsunami Trends is a highly effective trading signals software that captures long-term trends and maximizes your trading profits. With Tsunami Trends, you will not only identify these trends but also enter into a strategic rally trade that allows you to ride the wave until the trend reaches its full potential. Book a callback with Super Trend Signals. 

Alpha the Edge 

Whenever it comes to trading signals software, Super Trend Signals is glad to assist through our software, which can make a significant impact no matter what level of day trader you are. Unlock the potential of trading signals by implementing a solid money management plan. Determine the optimal amount of your trading account to risk in each trade. It is recommended to avoid risking more than 1-3% of your trading capital for maximum protection. Safeguard your account from potential losses and ensure long-term success in the trading world.

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Managing Risks 

There are various ways to manage your risk when using trading signals software. One popular method is the fixed fractional approach, where you allocate a specific percentage of your account balance for each trade based on the risk level suggested by the signal. This allows you to increase or decrease your position size depending on market conditions and helps maintain consistency in your overall risk management strategy. Another approach is the fixed ratio method, where you risk a certain amount for each trade based on your current account balance. As your account grows, the amount you risk in each trade increases accordingly, allowing for potential compounding of profits.

Benefits of Trading Signals Software

There are various benefits to using trading signals software by Super Trend Signals. Not only can you save time, but also the following benefits:

  • You’ll remain consistent in today’s market 
  • Optimization for potential profit 
  • Large win-loss Ratios
  • Easier entries and exits 
  • No chart analyzation 

Turn to Super Trend Signals

Whichever TradingView automated trading signals you choose, it is essential to stick to a consistent money management plan and not deviate from it emotionally, as it can be tempting to increase your position size after a few successful trades, but this can also lead to more impactful losses if the market suddenly turns against you. Similarly, it is important not to decrease your position size out of fear or panic after experiencing a string of losses. Our educational software trains you to navigate the market using today’s strategies. Change your strategy and start profiting by booking with Super Trend Signals.

*Recommend all customers should have Margin Amount+ Drawdown amount to trade any of our signals.