In the dynamic landscape of day trading, individuals often grapple with the challenge of staying abreast of market changes and making timely decisions. 

The fast-paced nature of day trading requires constant vigilance, and traders may find it challenging to navigate the intricate web of market signals, hindering their ability to capitalize on opportunities and maximize profits.

Enter the realm of unparalleled day trading excellence with Super Trend Signals. Our platform serves as a guiding light, addressing the common pitfalls faced by traders. Beyond mere market updates, Super Trend Signals offers a transformative advantage, empowering traders to swiftly turn their efforts into triumphs.

By providing a unique trading signal service, we enable traders to gain a competitive edge, making informed decisions and navigating the relentless rhythm of day trading with precision.

Super Trend Signals presents a comprehensive solution to the challenges of day trading. Through our advanced trading signal service, traders can receive timely and accurate signals that transcend conventional market updates. This solution equips traders with the tools and insights needed to navigate the complexities of day trading successfully. 

By leveraging our platform, traders can make informed decisions, capitalize on market opportunities, and ultimately realize their day trading potential. Super Trend Signals stands as a beacon illuminating the path to day trading success.

Why would i want to use Trading Signals?

As day traders, discipline in trading is the key to success. By using trading signals that uses strict conditions to enter and exit trade, traders will generate consistent profits and master the same trade sets across different futures market.

Why Use a Trading Signal Service?

Our trading signal service addresses this challenge by deploying a team of seasoned experts armed with sophisticated algorithms and market analysis tools. This expert cadre works tirelessly to monitor the ever-changing market conditions, identifying opportunities that might elude the ordinary trader. What sets our service apart is the quality of data provided and the meticulous scrutiny applied in selecting trades that carry the hallmark of success. By leveraging our trading signal service, traders gain access to timely and accurate signals, empowering them to make informed decisions and stay ahead in the competitive world of trading.

What Are The Highlights of Our Trading Signal Service?

Efficient Timing

One of the key highlights of our trading signal service is its emphasis on efficient timing. Our platform delivers actionable alerts that pinpoint opportune moments to initiate or conclude a trade, ensuring that you can make the most of market fluctuations.

Real-Time Notifications

Receive personalized alerts tailored to your preferences and risk tolerance. This feature ensures timely decision-making, allowing you to act swiftly and decisively in response to market changes.

Comprehensive Tools and Analysis

Our service provides comprehensive tools and analysis, allowing you to leverage signals that complement your market understanding. Tailor your approach by integrating our signals into your chosen trading methodology, empowering you with a well-rounded strategy.

Informed Decision-Making

Make every decision count by aligning them with quality signals. Our platform equips you with the information needed for informed, strategic choices, fostering consistency and profitability in your day-to-day trading activities.

Efficiency and Empowerment

Engage with the resources we provide, apply critical thinking, and utilize your risk management skills. Our platform is designed to empower you, allowing you to integrate signals into a comprehensive strategy for maximum benefits. Efficiency is at the core of our service.

What time frame should i use for the trading signal?

Based on back-testing results, we suggest you 15 minutes for the signal for most of our signals.

  • Income Generator – Early Breakout Signal – 15 minute chart
  • Contrarian – Trend Reversal Signal – 15 minutes chart
  • Market Technician – Market Analyzer – 15 minutes chart
  • Tsunami Trends – L-T Trend Following Signal – 1 hour chart
  • Alpha – The Edge Trading Signal – 15 minute chart

It is best to check the back test on different time frame to see which time chart yields the greatest profits and lowest drawdowns.

Are there any other indicators that assist me gauging the trading signal?

Yes- Apply Bollinger band indicator on tradingview.com with the setting


Breakouts that exceed the upper or drop below the lower Bollinger band are generally opportunities to exit early with profits before the signal alert for exit is triggered.

Where should I place my stop losses?

The trading signal does not integrate stop losses as this based on each individual traders trade management philosophies. If you choose to apply stop loss price, we suggest a stop loss at the average losing trade loss. Reference historical statistics on each trading signal where you can find Average Losing Trades. Place your stop at or within signal price and number of ticks that equates average loss.

What is the safest way to the trade off Super Trend Signals?

Below is the investment allocation strategy to employ to safe guard from wiping out futures market trading account or reducing the risk drawdowns while trading signal plays our month to month for profits. This strategy will help protect your capital and adds buffers for losses.


Alpha – The Edge Trading Signa


It is recommended to take profit at the average wining trade or higher or stop loss of average losing trade or lower.

Trader should take Margin Amount (NQ =17,027) plus maximum drawdown over January 1 to August 25th (6185). Therefore, at all times, trader should have a total of 23,212 of equity in the account to trade 1 NQ Futures contract. Over period of January 1 to August 25, the Edge – Alpha Trading Signal generated a profit of 79,095.00 or 464.47% return over 8 months or Ratio Avg Win/Avg Loss=2.25 in hypothetical demo account on Tradingview.com. To generate these profits, the Trader would have enter and exist within 15 minute time period of signal alert.

As a result, if a trader wanted to 5 NQ Futures contracts, the Trader would require 116K in overnight margin and expect to earn $395,000 over 8 months.



What trading rules should use with trading signals?

  • Avoid trading low volume markets by using Volume Oscillator indicator where VO is less than zero
  • 30 minutes prior to market closes for each futures market e.g. 4 pm Est. or in late hours for stock market indices
  • Market gaps up or down substantially after markets open at 5 pm Est. In certain cases on Energies and Metals
  • Major news events e.g. Fed Announcement will cause large directionless candle movements or major trends
  • Avoid trading without trading signal alert or adding more contracts then amount of qualifying equity=(margin+drawdown) in your account.

How frequently do you update your existing signals?

Our Development Team, Trader Specialist and Back tester constantly conduct back testing activities to improve trading signal code.

We concentrate by analyzing the trade statistics on our algorithms and enhance our trading signals to improve profits potentials. We release new versions of the code every 3 months to factor in grey areas and find new profitable opportunities. There are no extra charges on on-going development releases to any of the products.

What strategies can I use to maximize my profit potential?

Observe trading signal historical statistics. Although past results do not reflect future results, we can draw a trading strategy by analyzing the performance. For The Edge- Alpha Trading Signal, the historical performance between January 1 to August 25 show for Metals:

To maximize your profit potential, break down your trading into long strategies and short strategies and overall profit targets.

  • Select Profit Factor long>2.0
  • Select Profit Factor Short>2.0
  • Overall Avg. Win/Avg Loss>2.0

Focus on

  • Silver (SI) for long and short signals
  • Copper Index (HG) for short signal
  • Gold (GC) for short signals

Ensure you have enough equity+ drawdown.

What Are High-Risk | High-Rewards?

Engaging with a signal trend service embodies a high-risk, high-reward proposition. The allure lies in the potential for substantial returns fueled by timely and accurate predictions. The volatile nature of financial markets means that trends can swiftly reverse, leading to unexpected losses. Success in leveraging a trading signal service hinges on the trader’s ability to navigate the precarious balance between risk and reward.

Maximizing the Potential of Our Trading Signal Service

Unlocking the full potential of a trading signal service requires active and strategic engagement. Stay attuned to market developments by setting up alerts for potential trades, meticulously analyzing signals before execution, and utilizing available resources to refine your trading approach. Maintain a disciplined mindset; adhere to your established trading plan and view signals as valuable tools that support and inform your decisions rather than mandates to follow blindly. This proactive approach ensures that you harness the power of the signal service to its fullest extent, turning it into a dynamic ally in your pursuit of trading success.

Get the Strategic Advantage You Need in the Market

Each signal we dispatch is a product of exhaustive and stringent criteria, meticulously curated to encapsulate the essence of profitability. Our signals are not mere suggestions; they result from a comprehensive analysis that sifts through the market noise, extracting the gems that promise returns and a strategic advantage in your day trading endeavors. In the dynamic realm of day trading, this trading signal service emerges as the lifeblood, orchestrating swift and decisive moves amidst the tumultuous seas of buying and selling. This robust signal service is an ally and a vital partner, seamlessly guiding your sail into calmer, more lucrative harbors.

A Day Trader’s Vision Come True

Welcome to a realm where success is not a chance encounter but a meticulously crafted certainty. With our service, you’re not just trading; you’re embarking on a journey toward sustained prosperity in the dynamic world of financial markets.

In a world where markets are unforgiving, and success demands more than mere effort, our trading signal service emerges as a reliable ally, poised to revolutionize your trading experience. Join us on this transformative journey, where each signal is a beacon lighting the way to more winnings with less work. Super Trend Signals’ commitment extends beyond facilitating trades; it’s about elevating your day trading experience to unprecedented heights. We provide a comprehensive suite of tools, real-time insights, and a vibrant trade community that ensures you navigate the markets with confidence and precision.